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Safety and Preparedness

What you need to know

Safety and Preparedness

Safe Response to a Flood

  1. Find the water source and stop it
  2. Call ABK Restoration Services to request emergency water mitigation – in most cases we are on scene in less than 90 minutes
  3. If you think you may require an insurance claim to cover expenses, contact your insurance company, file a claim and inform them you are having ABK respond to mitigate damages
  4. If a plumber is required, ABK Restoration Services can provide one in rapid response time as part of our response protocol

Minimizing Your Water Damage

Safe Response to a Fire

  1. If the fire is contained, locate a fire extinguisher and use the P.A.S.S. method to put it out
  2. If the fire is NOT contained, immediately evacuate the premise and call 911
  3. Call ABK Restoration Services at your earliest convenience to request our 24-hour board up service which protects your exposed home against vandals and looters

Caution! Some fires can remain smoldering for a long time in hidden places such as within the walls. Do not attempt to conduct a self inspection. Have a professional inspect all possible threats before considering the area safe. Don’t worry, we can help with this step too.

Fire Clean Up Do’s

Fire Clean Up Dont’s